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About me

The Full Story

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Taking the time when walking around, I know just how to catch the unique and interesting people and places that make our world so wonderful. I am able to bring these wonders to life on camera, and I have spent time perfecting my photography techniques. 


Check out what I’ve photographed.  From now, you can request any of the pictures of the website to be printed.  Just browse through my various Album and send me an email with your request. 

My email address is in my contact details.  These Albums will be updated regularly with new and old pictures taken during my various trips around the world.


What is in my bag?

About a year ago, I switched to a full frame camera, a Sony A7 iv.  The main reason of the shift from 4/3rd (Lumix G9) is the higher definition of the full frame sensor.  I know that a lot of people will argue about full frame vs. 4/3rd, but for me the main reason was the fact that I can more easily crop my picture if I need to readjust the composition of my image.

In addition to the elements shown on this page, I would also recommend to have extra batteries for the camera, and a battery pack just in case.  And don't forget the memory cards!


A New Perspective

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